A night to remember … The Girls Art Night ..

Just for fun, and to have a good time with my friends (the artists and those who have nothing to do with it),

I’ve turned my house Majlis  into an art room and a home studio lol !

So me and a bunch of my friends spent Friday’s night  in cutting  magazines and sticking them on boxes to make some collage art works and taking pictures of ourselves in front of a silver piece of fabric which we used as a background !

the idea of the whole thing came when my mom told me that I should invite my friends  for a Ramadhan meal one day, I was more than happy with this suggestion but I also wanted to do something more exciting than eating foods and talking about random stuff so thats when the  Girls Art Night idea thing came to my mind.


I’ve created an event on Facebook with all the details and I was able to update my friends with some pictures of the majlis and so on,Facebook helped a lot in explaining my idea since its kind of new to apply!

7 friends only confirmed their attendance but that was fine with me too cause I was only expecting 5 😛

but the biggest surprise was when it was finally Friday and the total number of  people who came was 18 hahahaha

how happy  I was to welcome the girls to my art night, to help some of them and learn from the others!

everybody was relaxed and we stayed till midnight doing crazy stuff with colors,glues,cameras and make up.

Summery >> It was a:

1-Good chance to see friends especially the ones form the school old days.

2-New rich experience for those who never did art before.

3-Something to blog about ;p

4-Encouragement and self mood improving activity.

5-   Nigh to Remember.


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