Be Happy .. Be Thankful

“حمداً دائماً لا ينقطع أبدا و لا يحصي له الخلائق عددا”

“ Infinite thanks which nobody can count to the god ”

It’s been a busy life for me since I’ve started to have a part time job while studying at the same time! Well, the big amount of life lessons I’m learning everyday is what makes “being tired and worried most of the time” worth it…

and that’s me being confused as always while trying a new style of clothes.. Head Dafa دفة راس مثلا ؟ 😛

with formal shirt and a Ray-Ban sunglasses *Cool*

But one of the greatest lessons I’ve learnt so far is:

It doesn’t really matter what do you have but what really does matter is being thankful to all of the good things in your life! I have read this lesson in many self-development books but what made it special this time is seeing it in real with one of the girls I’ve met recently, she’s not so pretty or so rich but the way she talks about things in her life makes everybody wants to be her! She appreciates everything even her used old car which makes me feel guilty about my own car and every other good thing in my whole life that I’m not appreciating that much and keeps thinking that I could get something better instead.

So yes I am so thankful and happy with my life which can get better and better if I worked harder and harder.

And the reason behind this post in my blog which supposed to be about my art is that living this short life itself is an important type of art or even the most necessary!  😀


2 Responses to “Be Happy .. Be Thankful”

  1. Seema* Says:

    It’s not what you need to have but what you make out of what you already have! ; )
    Allah ywafgich Bashayer!
    It always makes me happy to see a new post from you!
    Keep drawing and designing and all the good work you do! 😀

  2. Her Sis Says:

    I like when my sister is talking in a wisdom way

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