Back to the old love .. Oil pastels !

My 13 years old sister Zooz always keeps her drawings unfinished coz she’s either too lazy to finish them or too scared to miss them up by choosing wrong colors..  I think I should encourage her to face this problem and try hard to learn more about paining but I sometimes  take her drawings and paint them ..especialy the ones  I really like .. it’s fun and she loves it ..
Like this portrait she did for girl in her class ..
I wanted to color it with my old love .. the oil pastel colors which I haven’t used a long time ago,
so this was the final result  (A)
Hope you like it 🙂
Thanks (F)

3 Responses to “Back to the old love .. Oil pastels !”

  1. zaherashehappy Says:

    I like how you just don’t care bout sizes. Also your choice of colours :3

  2. Seema* Says:

    ya 7alat el.gethla! ;p
    Good job you girls! ; )

  3. Bashayer Arts Says:

    Zee .. Yeah .. that’s what I mean by free drwaing , to draw with rules that you make and no one else XD
    Seema … Allah ya5aleech ❤ 😛

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