Ready for some HomeMadePhotoSessions?

Making a photoshoot at home for one of my friends or family is one of the most exciting things I would like to plan and do in my free time ..
Pictures I take are not that professional most of the time .. but they could be a lovely gift for a friend who has always wanted to be a model that everybody would be more than happy to take some pictures of her beauty lol
Like what I’ve done last january for one of my friends.. I call her SAMAKA =Fish  .. and it was her birthay gift :p she’s a make up artist .. with good abilites in modeling and smiling for the camera! 😀
 The welcome message which was sticked on the door of my temporary studio (An extra room in the house)..
I’ve  made a plan or a schedule for the day XD .. I really wanted to act professional .. I even wore a black clothes like photographers do while shooting .. and yes  SLIVER instead of SILVER .. augh  the spelling mistakes X’D
And because we’re wearing Hijab .. I cant show you the pics we took .. but guess what .. I take pictures of my brother too 😛  so here you go ..
BTW: Click on the picture for a bigger size ..
Thanks ❤

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