Me as one of the YassoSky dolls! :D

I’ve always imagined myself in another world where we are some talking dolls living the “toy story” life! Well, this childhood dream has finally become true when I’ve met the handcraft artist and photographer Yosra Al-Banna at the outdoor Market 338 which was organized by Al-Riwaq art gallery in Adliya last January.

I’ve asked her to make a doll that looks just like me because I wanted to see how I would look like as a YassoSky doll! To be honest I didn’t expect the fantastic result simply because her style was too gentle to represent my face features :p

But guess what! SHE HAS MADE IT!!  😀 😀 😀

Bashayer the doll with the same spirit and glasses without losing the YassoSky gentle style 😀

I’ll stop talking now and I’ll leave you guys with what I was talking about:


So Thanks Yasso for your great art that makes people happy (Y)

And to see more of YassoSky stuff and to order your own doll check this link out



One Response to “Me as one of the YassoSky dolls! :D”

  1. Seema* Says:

    You both look adorable! ;*
    Teslam eed-ha w 3aleich bil3afya! :”)

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