When I lose my skills and talents and everything good I used to do. And then I find myself feeling cold, alone and having everything I don’t want to have while doing everything I don’t want to do.

 All the bad things that happened to me back in high school turned to be as a ghost that follows me in my life at university with the major I choose and thought that it would be the best thing to study and the perfect way of getting my straight Az.

The same crazy teacher of the most challenging subject with me losing my concentration easily and for stupid reasons, Oh my god! Am I living the old nightmare again? Or it’s just me affected by the cold weather of winter and the sad feelings of Muharram?


2 Responses to “WEIRD”

  1. Seema* Says:

    Have faith in yourself!
    I’m sure you could get through it.

  2. Bashayer Arts Says:

    Thanks :’D
    I will Inshallah ❤

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