A night to remember … The Girls Art Night ..


Just for fun, and to have a good time with my friends (the artists and those who have nothing to do with it),

I’ve turned my house Majlis  into an art room and a home studio lol !

So me and a bunch of my friends spent Friday’s night  in cutting  magazines and sticking them on boxes to make some collage art works and taking pictures of ourselves in front of a silver piece of fabric which we used as a background !

the idea of the whole thing came when my mom told me that I should invite my friends  for a Ramadhan meal one day, I was more than happy with this suggestion but I also wanted to do something more exciting than eating foods and talking about random stuff so thats when the  Girls Art Night idea thing came to my mind.


I’ve created an event on Facebook with all the details and I was able to update my friends with some pictures of the majlis and so on,Facebook helped a lot in explaining my idea since its kind of new to apply!

7 friends only confirmed their attendance but that was fine with me too cause I was only expecting 5 😛

but the biggest surprise was when it was finally Friday and the total number of  people who came was 18 hahahaha

how happy  I was to welcome the girls to my art night, to help some of them and learn from the others!

everybody was relaxed and we stayed till midnight doing crazy stuff with colors,glues,cameras and make up.

Summery >> It was a:

1-Good chance to see friends especially the ones form the school old days.

2-New rich experience for those who never did art before.

3-Something to blog about ;p

4-Encouragement and self mood improving activity.

5-   Nigh to Remember.

Color my world لوّن حياتي

Dear life .. I just wanna do it right …

Be Happy .. Be Thankful


“حمداً دائماً لا ينقطع أبدا و لا يحصي له الخلائق عددا”

“ Infinite thanks which nobody can count to the god ”

It’s been a busy life for me since I’ve started to have a part time job while studying at the same time! Well, the big amount of life lessons I’m learning everyday is what makes “being tired and worried most of the time” worth it…

and that’s me being confused as always while trying a new style of clothes.. Head Dafa دفة راس مثلا ؟ 😛

with formal shirt and a Ray-Ban sunglasses *Cool*

But one of the greatest lessons I’ve learnt so far is:

It doesn’t really matter what do you have but what really does matter is being thankful to all of the good things in your life! I have read this lesson in many self-development books but what made it special this time is seeing it in real with one of the girls I’ve met recently, she’s not so pretty or so rich but the way she talks about things in her life makes everybody wants to be her! She appreciates everything even her used old car which makes me feel guilty about my own car and every other good thing in my whole life that I’m not appreciating that much and keeps thinking that I could get something better instead.

So yes I am so thankful and happy with my life which can get better and better if I worked harder and harder.

And the reason behind this post in my blog which supposed to be about my art is that living this short life itself is an important type of art or even the most necessary!  😀

Back to the old love .. Oil pastels !

My 13 years old sister Zooz always keeps her drawings unfinished coz she’s either too lazy to finish them or too scared to miss them up by choosing wrong colors..  I think I should encourage her to face this problem and try hard to learn more about paining but I sometimes  take her drawings and paint them ..especialy the ones  I really like .. it’s fun and she loves it ..
Like this portrait she did for girl in her class ..
I wanted to color it with my old love .. the oil pastel colors which I haven’t used a long time ago,
so this was the final result  (A)
Hope you like it 🙂
Thanks (F)

Ready for some HomeMadePhotoSessions?

Making a photoshoot at home for one of my friends or family is one of the most exciting things I would like to plan and do in my free time ..
Pictures I take are not that professional most of the time .. but they could be a lovely gift for a friend who has always wanted to be a model that everybody would be more than happy to take some pictures of her beauty lol
Like what I’ve done last january for one of my friends.. I call her SAMAKA =Fish  .. and it was her birthay gift :p she’s a make up artist .. with good abilites in modeling and smiling for the camera! 😀
 The welcome message which was sticked on the door of my temporary studio (An extra room in the house)..
I’ve  made a plan or a schedule for the day XD .. I really wanted to act professional .. I even wore a black clothes like photographers do while shooting .. and yes  SLIVER instead of SILVER .. augh  the spelling mistakes X’D
And because we’re wearing Hijab .. I cant show you the pics we took .. but guess what .. I take pictures of my brother too 😛  so here you go ..
BTW: Click on the picture for a bigger size ..
Thanks ❤

Me as one of the YassoSky dolls! :D


I’ve always imagined myself in another world where we are some talking dolls living the “toy story” life! Well, this childhood dream has finally become true when I’ve met the handcraft artist and photographer Yosra Al-Banna at the outdoor Market 338 which was organized by Al-Riwaq art gallery in Adliya last January.

I’ve asked her to make a doll that looks just like me because I wanted to see how I would look like as a YassoSky doll! To be honest I didn’t expect the fantastic result simply because her style was too gentle to represent my face features :p

But guess what! SHE HAS MADE IT!!  😀 😀 😀

Bashayer the doll with the same spirit and glasses without losing the YassoSky gentle style 😀

I’ll stop talking now and I’ll leave you guys with what I was talking about:


So Thanks Yasso for your great art that makes people happy (Y)

And to see more of YassoSky stuff and to order your own doll check this link out


الخبصة الشهّية – Delicious Khabsa !




اليوم لجأت إلى مصدر إلهامي الأساسي (الوالدة الله يحفظها) .. و سألتها عما تشعر به لكونها إمرأة و ماذا يعني لها هذا الشيء.. كان جوابها متمحورحول دور المرأة و توفير الطعام اللذيذ للفرد و المجمتع حيث قالت: وايد أحب أسمع كلمة تسلم إيدج من عقب ما عيالي يضوقون طباخي .. لأني كنت أشرف على عملية إطعامهم منذ البداية .. من الحبل السري و حتى الرضاعة ثم الطبخ .. يأكلون و ينمون و كل شوي يقولون تسلم إيديج ماااامااااا تسلم إيدج مااااماا .. تسلم إيديج ماااماااا …

و ذكرت الوالدة العديد من النقاط الأساسية بخصوص شلون الحرمة مفيدة و لها مكانة و وجودها شي ضروري لكنها كانت كل شوي ترجع على سالفة الطباخ و التغذية مما أثر فيني نفسياً و معنوياً و توجهت حزة العشاء إلى مطبخ بيتنا العامر و سويت وحدة من ألذ خبصاتي الشهيرة .. خبصة البطاط و الخضرة و البيض و الجبن و الرول .. آآآآآلللااااااه

 طبعاً فكرة الخبصة إهي إنك تسوي طبقات من أشياء لذيذة و شهية و تحطها في بايركس و تدعسها داخل الفرن و تاكلها بالهناء و الشفاء ..

المهم .. هذا الشي قادني إلى التفكير في إني لو سويت كتاب طبخ راح أهديه للوالدة …في المقدمة راح أكتب لها كلمة شكر على حسن التغذية منذ الصغر .. إبتداءأً من أكل ماذكر طعمه من داخل الحبل السري و إنتهاءأً بمجبوس ربيان عالمي كان غدانا اليوم .. و أوعدج يا يمة أصير خووش خباااصة آآآقصد طبااخة  أكمل مسيرة التغذية العالمية و أحسس عيالي و أسرتي بالأمن الغذائي بعيداً عن الحروب العالمية و سوالف النفط مقابل الغذاء P;


Kayfee كــيفي



بشاير ليش وراج صاعقة كهربية ؟ … كيفي

بشاير ليش عندج عين أصغر من عين ؟ … كيفي

بشاير ليش لابسة قفازات فوشية ؟ … كيفي

بشاير ليش إنتي جذي ؟  … كيفي

كيفج في بيتج






When I lose my skills and talents and everything good I used to do. And then I find myself feeling cold, alone and having everything I don’t want to have while doing everything I don’t want to do.

 All the bad things that happened to me back in high school turned to be as a ghost that follows me in my life at university with the major I choose and thought that it would be the best thing to study and the perfect way of getting my straight Az.

The same crazy teacher of the most challenging subject with me losing my concentration easily and for stupid reasons, Oh my god! Am I living the old nightmare again? Or it’s just me affected by the cold weather of winter and the sad feelings of Muharram?